Dear Reader,

My name is Lauren King Savage and I want to personally offer you an incredibly warm welcome to The Diane Collection!

My grandmother– the woman I was fortunate enough to learn style, grace, strength, and generosity from– was named Diane. This site is dedicated to her and the values and legacy that her lifetime on this earth have embodied.

Some brief background: my grandmother never lived more than about five minutes from me from when I was growing up. She will always be my very first best friend, and she has left an unwavering impression on me and who I am as a person.

In the fifth grade, I began attending an all-girl’s school, where I continued my studies until I graduated in 2011. Between having a strong female as my first best friend, confidante, and role model and attending an all-girl’s school for nearly a decade, I have seen first-hand the incredible resilience, competence, and resourcefulness that women possess. (That is not to say that men do not possess these traits as well; it is to say that I personally grew up in a female dominated world and as a young woman navigating my own path, I am forever grateful that this is the case.)

As if all of this did not provide me with ample exposure to the abilities and talents of women, my grandmother also raised an unbelievably compassionate, capable, and authentic daughter that I am lucky enough to call my mom. I am indebted to both for the significant roles that they have played in me learning how to grow into the best version of myself!

Also worth noting at this time– I have no brothers, and out of all of the grandchildren on both sides of the family, there is only one male cousin in the entire group.

So today, I feel a sense of gratitude for my upbringing and a sense of genuine pride towards being a woman. Subsequently, I feel it is important for me personally to facilitate a celebration of womanhood. As a young entrepreneur pursuing a visibly genuine and impassioned life, I have always known in my heart of hearts that my assembly of ventures would never be complete until The Diane Collection came into existence. I have thought about commencing a project along these lines for several years, and am ecstatic that it has finally come to be and that I get to share it with you!

The Diane Collection is a venue for celebrating strong, confident, gracious, and honest women. It is a place to celebrate style, festivities, and humor– even amongst hardship— in all of the ways that my grandmother modeled to those around her. It is a curation of content selected to show appreciation for and respect towards womanhood across a variety of backgrounds, generations, life circumstances, and experiences.

I am delighted to to have you here learning about all that The Diane Collection has to offer you. It is my hope that no matter who you are, you leave with an enhanced sense of the multi-faceted and dynamic ways that women embody beauty and tenacity each and every day.

May The Diane Collection inspire, motivate, and teach all who encounter it for many generations to come, mirroring the way that my grandmother was able to touch the lives of others both during her lifetime and beyond.

I love you dearly, Grandmommy. Kisses and hugs from your darling Lulu, wherever you may be. 


Lauren King Savage